Shamanism course and retreat 26.-28.5.2023

Basic course in Shamanism and healing. The course which will take place between the 26th-28th of May 2023, is designed to give both newcomers and experienced individuals the opportunity to explore the Shaman’s cosmos, and to learn the ancient techniques used in shamanic healing and out-of-body journeys. The main purpose of the workshop is to help each participant to contact their spiritual guides, who are often referred to as power animals or helping spirits, in a unique and individual way. Different spirits have different tasks, so these may vary considerably. Nowadays, people lose touch with the powers of nature, and therefore, relearning how to establish contact with these powers is an individual learning and healing process in terms of finding and maintaining wholeness, health, and well-being.

The structure for the weekend is as follows:

Shamanism, animism, and the world tree; our relationship with nature and animistic thinking; the basis for shamanism is animism. The importance of the altar, the different elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, and understanding the different powers associated with these.

  • The tools of the shaman
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • The shaman’s journey into non-ordinary reality and shamanic healing
  • The lower, middle, and upper worlds of the shaman’s cosmos
  • Power animal restoration
  • Shamanism as a way of life

The shaman is someone who sees and knows and acts as a go-between the physical and spiritual worlds. How he or she does this depends on the culture in which he or she is living in. The main work surrounds helping the culture and the relationship between culture and nature.

The basis for shamanism is nature or animism as it is sometimes called, and this is influenced by the culture in which it is practiced

Each person will need the following items:

A blanket, pillow, mat, or animal hide to lie on; a scarf to cover your eyes, a rattle and writing equipment, as well as a small glass or ceramic dish to put water in.

The course begins at 7 pm – 10 pm Friday evening and 10 am – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

All-inclusive price: 530€

Please note that I strive to uphold drug and alcohol-free policies in order to maintain an ethical and safe working environment.

Francis Joy is originally from west Yorkshire in the north of England and has studied extensively with the Druids and also undertaken 9 years of education into shamanism and healing methods and techniques in different contexts and also worked as a practitioner of shamanism and holistic body therapist since 1997.

Introductory courses in Shamanic Healing are run throughout the year. For inquiries, please send mail to:

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